Buy Ethereum With PayPal and Credit Card

First of all, Ethereum is in early stage and just like Bitcoins it is fluctuating upside down. ETH is performing really well with very little downside. It is doing well in the cryptocurrency market. Because, it is an open-source public block-chain based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It provides a virtual machine which executes scripts using an international network of public nodes. It also provides ‘Cryptocurrency’ called Ether and you can transfer from one account to another. Just like selling Litecoin. In this post, we will be seeing a simple method to buy Ethereum with¬†PayPal and Credit Card. But before we get into this, let us know more about this coin, and block chain. Please CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.

Steps to buy Ethereum with PayPal and Credit Card

  • Visit the order page.
  • Open the order form link on the website.
  • Fill in the details asked carefully.
  • Hit submit.
  • Note: Make sure you opt for PayPal or Credit card as payment method.

Ether – The Cryptocurrency

buy ethereum with paypal credit cardThe cryptocurrency of Ethereum blockchain is ‘Ether’ and is tokened as ETH under cryptocurrency exchanges. Just like any other currencies, you can pay for goods & services. Just like bitcoins, ether is a bearer asset. Ethereum, an open-source network to build a decentralized application. The system with no middlemen, to charge a hefty fee for doing a task you can very well do with the help of many systems. With such networks and blockchains, the end user can interact with the social systems and the financial system in the peer to peer fashion. Anything as a currency can be traded just like stocks. The best trade trending in the market is buying Bitcoin cash. This way you can trade back in any paper currency once you notice a profit in your investment.

What is in it for you?

Everything that we use today is mostly centralized, be it the financial system, governments, social network, law or anything for that matter. The problem with this model is that it has a single failure point, for example, a website has a single failure point – The firewall. If a hacker gets access to it, he or she can bring the whole website down. The blockchain network, Ethereum network, in this case, lets the user be in the driver’s seat. The user data is the user data, no one can intervene in it. Even if the inventor of this network attempts to. This is the main reason which many try to exchange their Credit Card or PayPal funds to Ethereum. With this network model, you don’t have to trust on third parties for your money. You take care of your funds on this powerful network, under only your supervision.

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Deeper analysis of this e-currency

This e-currency also lets it’s users create their own currency, or we can generally call it as ‘tokens’. Suppose there’s a group of artists who deserve your support, so they roll out their own ‘token’ so that you can use PayPal or Credit card to buy Ethereum and then donate it. By doing so, you’re not only increasing the token value but consequently the group’s value too.
If we like, share or comment on a post on Facebook the benefit goes to Facebook advertisers. Neither the content creator nor you get any benefits. That is how Facebook has over 2 billion users and is worth over $500 billion because of this. ETH is the total opposite, you get the benefit of things you do with people you do with.

How does it work

Bitcoin was the first ever known cryptocurrency. It is the best-known internet currency till date. With PayPal and credit card to Ethereum exchange service, just like bitcoin you no more need to trust any middlemen or service for your funds. No one will ask for any information, and identity inside e currency world. All these stays under your control all the time. Please CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.

The decentralized nature of its network connects to hundreds of thousands of computers making it next to impossible to crack or hack. Even if someone tries, the network will dodge it.
All of the developers write business logic called contracts (which even bitcoins have lately implemented) Contract is a program that triggers a series of steps upon receiving a message called transaction. A transaction is anything that happens within the network. Be it the information like bank account details, residential addresses, or any such confidential things. It can be a funds transfer, again no one can get in between to steal the funds.

The contracts can send-receive transactions, store data, and interact with other contracts too. The maintenance of contracts is within the network. It is end-to-end encrypted so well that no one can steal even a single piece of information. It’s the same when buying Dogecoin. The logic behind this is a product of two facts, First: the transactions are super fast. Second: stealing the information is a really really lengthy process. It’s called mining.
Even mining doesn’t get you the details, it only lets you interact with transaction ID (primary key and secret key).

How ETH got limelight in the industry

After bitcoin, if there’s anything that is getting the limelight in the cryptocurrency industry is ETH. One complete unit is $783.34 while writing this post. And it’s just 2 years old, so you know where will it go in near future. You can trade it just like stocks.

How to spend your funds?

A lot of ways you can spend funds for your needs are available today. The best way is to link debit card with a crypto exchange and using the debit card for your shopping.
Again, you would ask me how to purchase Ethereum? There are two ways with which you can: 1. You can purchase with PayPal and 2. You can purchase with credit card

Well, that what I have written this post for. Read on How to get EntroPay if you are interested in visa cards.


The blockchain technology is booming in length and breadth. The number of cryptocurrencies is growing in number. A key thing to note here is that a noteworthy cryptocurrency accepts PayPal for ETH purchases. Over to you, what was the piece of information you got to know for the first time from this post? Did you ever invest in ETH? What was your experience? Do let us know in the comment section below, it can be a simple ‘Hi” too.

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