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Enjoy the fastest way to buy WebMoney in the USA and other countries on AlphA Exchange website. Transfer and use PayPal or Credit-Debit Card for your Exchange. We have tons of happy customers and great reviews.

We are a self-reliable converting service for all of your WMZ currency transfer needs like buying with PayPal. AlphA Provides a safe online environment for its users. Buy and sell WebMoney and other digital currencies with PayPal and Credit Card in the United States online. Because of this option, you may buy with just a few mouse clicks. We accept to buy and sell and exchange e-currencies worldwide and send and receive payment via bank wire transfer. The main purpose of our website is to answer the needs of our customers. We work 24/7 to have more and more satisfied customers, so every and each customer is important to us. In fact, happy customers are our number one goal.
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Steps to Buy WebMoney in the USA

  1. Choose to pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
  2. Click on the appropriate link for your payment.
  3. In the new page, Enter the information asked carefully.
  4. Hit the submit button to purchase WMZ.
  5. Receive your WebMoney USA.

Know More About Differences Between WMZ, WME, and WMR

It’s better to know more about WMZ. It is the main type of money in WebMoney purse system for US Dollars. There are other types of the purse which users send and receive money while they are buying. Thus main and most important type of purse is WMZ which is somehow US Dollars. WME is the name which users are calling the Euro purse and is less popular compared to US Dollars. According to website’s wiki section, WMR is a transfer title unit for Russian ruble. WMR is the most popular purse used in this e-currency. Yet WMZ or in other words USD is way more important. Even European people who are trading and transferring PayPal to Skrill use US Dollars as it’s better accepted in various places compared to Euro.

How to Transfer Between WMZ, WME, and WMR

First of all, there is no direct way to transfer funds between different purses, but there is always a turn around for everything. In the “Certified Exchangers” section a customer will find many well-known companies who will transfer funds to him/her from one purse to another. The fund’s transfer is available for big customers and companies too. There might be some security steps and checks to pass for the amount more than $2000.00. But when you have passed these steps once, there will be no more steps and you or your company is added to the trusted customers. Here at AlphA, we are using the same kind of security checks. When a customer passes the trust checks, he or she can exchange credit card to WMZ in US Dollars currency more than before. Amounts like $10,000.00 will be easily transferred. No waiting time, no rechecks and no more verification steps.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Transfer Experience

WebMoney USAFund your electronic currency account by using our service, and enjoy a kind of the service that you will find nowhere else. Also the best quality PayPal to MoneyGram service you may see ever! We intend to be the best service provider and offer you a stress-free buying WebMoney in the USA for your WM exchange transfer needs. Your satisfaction is our first priority because we value our customers and their business. You always find reliable services here for every client who is looking for transferring funds from PayPal to Perfect Money, because of our fair and personal fees. This is not just another marketing mantra for us. We work hard every day to become the best currency trader on the market today. You can also use the left navigation sidebar to choose the service you are looking for.

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AlphA is a very fast online currency provider

Our WM exchange transfer system let the customers proceed with safe transactions in real time. They can use all variables of digital currency units which is available worldwide. This system also provides financial services for an online person to person transfer methods. You will find an online billing for internet-based systems to purchase. We also provide different services for different businesses and needs. The admin of buying WebMoney USA and WM exchange transfer system is AlphA company. AlphA provides services which are not limited to this e-currency alone. Our company supports all accounts in other currencies while using the same name.

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While opening an account, you do not need to provide any bank account information. Also, no credit card is needed to open or operate an account. Signing up process takes no more than 5 minutes and it’s super easy.  No special steps to complete. You only need to provide a cell phone number which you have access to. Because of the easy sign-up steps and a low number of requirements, WM exchange system is becoming more and more popular. Today, tens of thousands of shops and services online accept payments from this e-currency. The number of customers who are interested in buying WebMoney in the United States is increasing more in compare to PayPal to Western Union customers.

Is my order safe at AlphA?

AlphA encrypts your transferred information between your computer and our world-class servers. We are using SSL protocol, also known as Secure Sockets Layer protocol. Our SSL encryption key length is 128-bits. This key length is the highest level available on the market these days.

AlphA assures the safety of every single transaction made online with us. Also, Output and value of each order are very important. Therefore, Your money is in good hands with us. Please use the left sidebar to buy WebMoney USA, WM exchange, Deposit Perfect Money and any other digital transfers you may need. If you had any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and ask your question. We thank you for your interest in our services.
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